Updating to iOS 7? If you already use iOS, why wade through a big book that repeats what you already know? That's why Zango Group principal Galen Gruman has written iOS 7: The "Just What You Need" Book that details all the new capabilities in iOS 7, with clear explanations, how-to information, and color screen images. From the radical new user interface to the changes in Safari, Music, Mail, Photos, and more, this book shows you just what you need to know.


Price: $3.99 / £2.99 / €2.99 / ¥400 e-book, $10.99 print

If you're new to the iPad, also check out Galen's Exploring iPad For Dummies.

And if you also use a Mac, check out his OS X Mavericks: The "Just What You Need" Book that covers its new features.