Updating to OS X Mavericks? If you already use OS X, why wade through a big book that repeats what you already know? That's why Zango Group principal Galen Gruman has written OS X Mavericks: The "Just What You Need" Book that details all the new capabilities in OS X 10.9, with clear explanations, how-to information, and color screen images. From iBooks to Maps, from file tags to Finder tabs, this book shows you just what you need to know.


Price: $5.99 / £4.49 / €4.99 / ¥600 e-book, $17.99 print

If you're new to OS X, also check out Galen's OS X Mountain Lion Bible.

And if you also use an iPhone or iPad, check out his iOS 7: The "Just What You Need" Book that covers its new features.