Online Content Development

The Zango Group has offered content development for online media such as Web sites and e-mail newsletters. This included original content for sites such as Cnet, Daily Wireless, and IT Wireless. For example, under contract to EmergeMedia, the Zango Group developed and produced the IT Wireless e-mail newsletters from September 2002 to July 2005, when the newsletter was sold to Fierce Markets.

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Galen has contributed regularly to CIO magazine, as well as occasionally to its online site.
Galen has contributed periodically to CIO Update, an online publication from Jupitermedia.

Galen has reviewed various display products for this product-oriented news and reviews site.

Daily Wireless
Galen has contributed periodically to this small/medium business site, providing news features, analyses, Q&As, and product guides.

Enabling the Wireless Enterprise
Fawcette launched this online publication in 2002 to test the market, but did not follow through after the inaugural edition.

As first a contributing editor to and now executive editor of InfoWorld, Galen has written dozens of stories for the print edition, and continues to write for the publication in its current online-only form.

IT Wireless
Galen was the founding editor of this news and analysis site aimed at IT leaders seeking to adopt wireless technology for business advantage. The newsletter was later sold to Fierce Markets.

As a regular reviewer of publishing technology to the magazine, Galen also contributes stories to the Macworld Online site.